18.2. Working with Copies in a bucket

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Once you have your records in a bucket there are a variety of functions you can do from within that bucket.

One of the most common functions is to batch edit records. This example demonstrates batch editing the shelving location of a handful of copy records.

  1. Access your Copy Bucket view by choosing EditCopy Buckets, or CataloguingManage Copy Buckets.

  2. Select appropriate bucket from drop down menu.

  3. When bucket is displayed, click Edit Item Attributes.

  4. The Copy Editor window opens. Note all the barcodes, different call numbers and shelving locations are displayed.

  5. Select required shelving location and click Apply, just as if editing one record.

  6. Click Modify Copies at bottom right of screen.

  7. All your items’ shelving locations have been changed.


This screenshot shows some of the other functions you can do from within a Copy Bucket. If you are deleting items it is good practice to display Item Status field from the Column picker, and confirm suitable status of items to be deleted.

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