4.3. RT Self Service

Access RT Self Service

Create New Tickets

View and Add to Existing Tickets

Review Closed Tickets

Ticket Status

The Support Team uses RT software to receive, discuss, and respond to questions from Sitka libraries. Requests are numbered and referred to as tickets, assigned to team members according to availability and expertise.

Accessing RT Self Service

There are three ways to access RT Self Service. Username and password are provided by the Sitka support team.

  1. Through the BC Libraries Cooperative Website at http://bc.libraries.coop/When logged in users are able to view the tickets for their library and directly access RT using the Access Request Tracker button.

  2. Through the staff client. The Sumbit/view help desk ticket link on the staff client Splash page opens the RT login page.

  3. Through the RT website https://support. sitka.bclibraries.ca/

The Self Service home page displays current tickets submitted by email or in RT. Requests from other email addresses associated with your account are also visible.

Click the number or subject of any listed ticket to view past correspondence or add new information.

Status usually progresses from new to open to resolved as a ticket is addressed. See also Ticket Status.

Tickets are assigned to individual Support Team members depending on availability and expertise. A ticket may be owned by Nobody while the Support Team gathers more information about the problem.

Access any of your tickets by number with the Goto ticket field. Tickets submitted by other libraries are not visible.

When finished please Logout.

Create New Tickets

  1. Login to RT Self Service as shown above.

  2. Click New ticket.

  3. Complete the form and click Create ticket.

    By default the Requestors field contains the email address associated with your RT login. Any replies to this ticket will also be sent to this address.

    The Subject should be descriptive to make the ticket easier to identify, assign, and classify. This will also be the subject line for emailed replies.

    Screenshots or other files that help describe the problem may be attached here.

    For guidelines on the kind of information that may help the Sitka Team respond to your request please see Section 4.2, “Guidelines for Support Requests”.

View and Add to Existing Tickets

  1. Login to RT Self Service as shown above.

  2. Click a ticket number or subject to view details or reply.

  3. Additional information about the selected ticket appears, including when it was created and last updated. Also displayed is correspondence between the requestor and the Sitka Support Team, either of whom may add to the ticket by clicking Reply.

  4. Enter your reply in the form and click Submit.

  5. The new message is added to the correspondence history.


It is not possible to edit past correspondence. To make corrections please add a new reply.

Review Closed Tickets

Resolved tickets do not appear on the RT Self Service welcome page but can be viewed and re-opened if a problem recurs.

  1. Login to RT Self Service as shown above.

  2. Click Closed tickets.

  3. Closed tickets are listed with status resolved. Click on a number or subject link to review a ticket.


To re-open a closed ticket simply add a new reply. This will change the status to open and alert the Support Team that more attention is required.

Ticket Status

Ticket status provides general information about a support request and affects display in RT Self Service. Most status changes are made by Sitka Support staff but resolved tickets change back to open with any new correspondence.

Status Description Displayed with
new Recent ticket, awaiting reply from Support Team. Open Tickets
open Support Team has replied but the issue is not yet resolved. Open Tickets
resolved Issue resolved, question answered, or a satisfactory work-around identified. Closed Tickets
noresponse Awaiting response from library; insufficient information to mark resolved. Closed Tickets
stalled No immediate solution available but future development, configuration, or policy changes may provide a fix. Open Tickets
didntfix Problem acknowledged by the the Support Team but could not be resolved. Closed Tickets

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