50.3. Copy Statuses

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This table describes the copy statuses in use by Sitka, updated as of May 23rd 2017.


If the Sets copy active is set to NO, an item created with this status will not have the Active Date field filled. The date will be filled later when the item achieves a status with Sets copy active is set to YES.


If Is Available? is set to YES, items with that status will appear in search results when the Limit to Available checkbox is checked and can be checked out without needing to be first checked in or have any prompts regarding unavailable status appearing.

Item Status Definition Holdable OPAC Visible Sets copy active Is Available?
Available Item is on the shelf Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bindery Sent to be rebound No Yes No No
Canceled Transit A transit for the item was aborted Yes Yes No No
Cataloguing Item is being catalogued or in cataloguing department Yes Yes Yes No
Checked out Item is on loan Yes Yes Yes No
Claimed Returned Patron reports item has been returned. (Libraries develop own procedure for deciding when to make an item Claimed Return) No Yes Yes No
Cleaning Item is being cleaned (ie. DVDs and CDs) Yes Yes Yes No
Damaged Damaged and may not circulate again No Yes Yes No
Discard/Weed Item is no longer in collection, it has been weeded or discarded No No Yes No
ILL Not currently used in Sitka. No No Yes No
In process Item is being processed and will soon be available Yes Yes No No
In transit Item is travelling between libraries and remains in the In Transit status until checked in Yes Yes Yes No
Long Overdue Not currently used in Sitka. No No No No
Lost Declared lost by patron or library (either manually or automatically) No Yes Yes No
Lost and Paid Item was declared lost by patron or staff and has now been paid for. No Yes Yes No
Mending Item is being repaired Yes Yes Yes No
Missing Item cannot be found No Yes Yes No
On display Item is on display and is not in its usual shelving location Yes Yes Yes Yes
On holds shelf Item is awaiting pick-up by patron. Item is usually on a "holds shelf" within the library Yes Yes Yes No
On order Item has been ordered but not yet received from a vendor Yes Yes No No
On reservation shelf Used with room/booking module. When an item has been booked/reserved, it is placed in a unique location, ready for pick-up No Yes Yes No
Onsite consultation Item is available for use on-site and possibly needs to be requested through staff. This is not intended for normal reference materials. No Yes Yes Yes
Reserves In reserves collection No Yes Yes Yes
Reshelving Item has been returned but not yet shelved. Status automatically changes to Available after 24 hours Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage On-site or off-site storage Yes Yes Yes No
Temporarily Unavailable Not available for patrons to borrow but will become available at a later date No No Yes No

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