44.1. Serials Routing

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A routing list is made up of “users,” who will receive a copy of a serial before that copy hits its regular shelving location. .

The following instructions assume that you have already setup a distribution as per 36.2.2 Create a Distribution


Depending on the status you have setup in the copy template editor, we suggest creating a copy template for "Routed" serials. The status for these items should be set to "In Process" or "Cataloguing". After the item has been routed around, it will need to be checked in to display a status of "Available"

  1. Search the catalogue. (F3)

  2. Select the bibliographic record for the magazine or periodical.

  3. Click on the title to open the Record Details screen.

  4. Click on Actions for this Record and select Serial Control View.

  5. Click on the Subscriptions tab.

  6. Click on the arrow beside your Library

  7. Click on the row with the Subscription #

  8. Click on the Distribution tab on the right hand side of the screen

  9. Click on the Hyperlinked Label

  10. Select the target stream by checking the box

  11. Click on Routing List For Selected Stream

  12. Choose the radio button beside barcode or deparment

    • Barcode - enter the user barcode

    • Department - free form text field

  13. Click on Add

  14. Repeat these steps for any additional Barcodes or Deparments

  15. You can re-arrange users in the list by dragging and dropping each numbered row.

  16. When you've got the list you want, click on Save Changes

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