43.2. Binding Units

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  1. Search the catalogue. (F3)

  2. Select the bibliographic record for the magazine or periodical.

  3. Click on the title to open the Record Details screen.

  4. Click on Actions for this Record and select Serial Control View.

  5. Click on the Items tab.

  6. Click in the radial button for Bind

  7. Click on Set Current Unit

  8. Select New Unit This is will allow you to use 1 barcode for all items within the unit


    If you want the item to be bound into an existing unit, select Recent and select the desired unit from the menu. To make a change in bound items, receive or bind the items into an already existing unit

  9. Select the items to be bound

  10. Click on Receive/Move Selected

  11. Scan or Enter the barcode for the item

  12. Enter the callnumber for the item

  13. Click Ok

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