43.1. Binding Template

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In order to "Bind" serials you must assign a Bind Unit Template. You can use the same template as your Receive Unit Template or create a new one. For more information about Copy Templates please see 35.1 Create a Copy Template

  1. Search the catalogue. (F3)

  2. Select the bibliographic record for the magazine or periodical.

  3. Click on the title to open the Record Details screen.

  4. Click on Actions for this Record and select Serial Control View.

  5. Click on the Subscriptions tab.

  6. Click on the arrow beside your Library

  7. Click on the arrow beside your Subscription

  8. Click on the arrow beside your Distribution

  9. Click on the Distribution Label

  10. In the Distribution window on the right hand side of the screen, Click on Bind Unit Template.Select your template from the list

  11. Click Apply

  12. Click Modify Distribution(s)

  13. Click Ok

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