39.1. Receive serials

Receiving serials is done through the Serials Control View.

  1. Go to the Items tab.

  2. Click on Refresh

  3. To receive items, click the Receive radio button. Items that have yet to be received are displayed in the top half of the screen the. Recently received items are displayed in the bottom half of the screen.

  4. Select the issue that you want to receive.

  5. Select the current working unit. Click Set Current Unit, located in the lower right corner of the screen. A drop down menu will appear. Select Auto per item.

    • Auto per item - Use this if you want to assign a barcode to each item individually.

    • New Unit - Use this if you want to assign the same barcode to each item within a unit. (Binding Process)

    • No Unit - Use this if you do not want to assign a barcode to the item. Please note that this selection will not create a copy on the copy table and is not recommended.

  6. Click Receive/Move Selected.

  7. Enter a barcode and call number. You can scan the item barcode into the barcode field. Enter a rational call # for each item (We recommend enumeration and/or chronology captions (ex V.22 No.1 Jan 2013 / January 2013)

  8. A message confirming receipt of the item appears. Click OK.

    • The screen refreshes. In the top half of the screen the item displays a received date. In the bottom half of the screen the item that you have just received is now at the top of the list of the received items.


Serial Alerts at Receive Time - The new "Alerts" button on the Items tab displays the number of alert notes that are available for the selected items, and clicking this button opens a window which displays all applicable alert notes, sorted by type . Notes can also be edited or deleted from this window.

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