12.2. Basic Check Out

  1. Patron scans their barcode.

  2. Optional Patron enters their account password.

  3. Patron scans the barcodes for their items.


    Patron places items, one at a time, on the RFID pad.

  4. Items will be listed below with a check out confirmation message.

    If a check out fails a message will advise patrons to see staff.

  5. Patron uses the radio buttons to select Email, Print, or None to indicate the type of receipt they wish to receive.


    A radio button for Email will only appear if the patron has an email address recorded in their account.

  6. Patron clicks Logout.


    If the patron forgets to logout the system will automatically log out after the time period specified in the library setting Patron Login Timeout (in seconds). An inactvity pop-up will appear to warn patrons 20 seconds before the logout.

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