7.1. Searching Patrons

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There are two ways to retrieve patron records in Evergreen:

The following example demonstrates how to retrieve a patron account if you do not have the barcode.

  1. To find patrons, press F4 in an active tab or on the top menubar select SearchSearch for Patrons, or simply click Patron Search button on the button bar. You must have the Circulation Toolbar activated for the Patron Search button to be present.

  2. Enter search criteria, such as last name, first name, phone number, etc., and select Filter by Permission Profile from drop down menu if desired, and click Search or press Enter on your keyboard.

  3. Search results will be listed on the right column of the screen. You can select a record to view record summary on the left (or top) of the screen. Double click on the selected patron, or click the Retrieve Patron button on the right top corner to load the patron record.


You can use only one search field or combine as many as all search fields.

You can truncate search terms for more results. 

Selecting Include inactive patrons checkbox searches both active and inactive patrons. (Being active/inactive is controlled by the Active checkbox in the patron record).

Patrons from other Sitka libraries (not a branch of your library system) have to present their Sitka library card for their first visit. Their records can only be found by SearchSearch for patron by barcode F1. They need to give consent to your library to access their records. You will be prompted to "opt-in" the patron after scanning such a card. After opting-in, these patron records are searchable on the Patron Search F4 screen.

The default search scope on SearchSearch for patron by barcode F1 is the whole Sitka database. On SearchSearch for patron F4 it is your library's patrons and the patrons who have opted in to your library. The Limit results to patrons in function takes effect on your library's patrons and opted-in patrons only. Non-opted-in patrons are not searchable on F4, even by barcode.

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