6.2. Registering a Workstation

Each Evergreen staff client must have a workstation registered with every server it is used with. The workstation identifies your physical computer location and may help Co-op Support when troubleshooting.

Registration takes place when a staff client is installed for the very first time, when it connects to a new server, or if the hostname is changed.

  1. Open the Evergreen staff client

  2. From the Locale drop down menu select en-CA : English (Canada or fr-CA : French (Canada). This sets the language preferences for the staff client.

  3. Click Apply Locale.

  4. In the Server section, enter the hostname in the Hostname field.

  5. Click Re-Test Server. Status and Version should both display as 200 : OK.

  6. In the Authentication section, enter a Local System Administrator Username and Password into the appropriate fields.


    Only a Local System Administrator account has the required permission to register a workstation.

  7. Click Login.

  8. In the Workstation section, enter a name for your workstation in the WS Name field.


    Co-op Support recommends that a unique, meaningful name is used for each workstation, such as checkout or reference.

    Do not use slash ("/") or backslash ("\") in your workstation's name as it may interfere with offline transaction uploads.

  9. Select the correct organizational unit from the Organization drop down menu.


    Multi-branch libraries need to ensure the correct branch is selected.

  10. Click Register.

  11. A pop-up will appear to indicate successful registration. Click OK.

  12. Re-enter the Local System Administrator account password or login using a different staff account.

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