44.2. Serials Batch Receive

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In order to view and print the Routing Slip, you must receive your serials by Serials Batch Receive

  1. Click on Actions for this Record

  2. Select Serials Batch Receive

  3. Make sure Create Units for Received Items is checked.

  4. Choose an Issuance from the drop down menu

  5. Click on Next

  6. Fill in the required information.

    • Barcode - Enter or Scan the item barcode

    • Circ Modifier - Select the appropriate Circ Modifier

    • Call Number - Enter a Call Number

    • Note - Enter a Note (Optional)

    • Copy Location - Select the Copy Location

    • Price - Enter a Price (Optional)

    • Routing List - Make sure this box is checked

    • Receive- Make sure this box is checked

  7. Click on Receive Selected Items

  8. Print Routing List

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