56.6. Granting Additional Permissions

A Local System Administrator (LSA) may selectively grant LSA permissions to other staff accounts. In the example below a Circ +Full Cat account is granted permission to process offline transactions, a function which otherwise requires an LSA login.

  1. Log in as a Local System Administrator.

    • Select Admin (-)User Permission Editor and enter the staff account barcode when prompted


    • Retrieve the staff account first, then select OtherUser Permission Editor

  2. The User Permission Editor will load (this may take a few seconds). Greyed-out permissions cannot be edited because they are either a) already granted to the account, or b) not available to any staff account, including LSAs.

    List of permission names. For help correlating permissions to specific Evergreen functions please contact Sitka support.

    If checked the permission is granted to this account.

    Depth limits application to the staff member's library and should be left at the default. Evergreen blocks attempts to set Federation- or Sitka-wide privileges.

    If checked this staff account will be able to grant the new privilege to other accounts (not recommended).

  3. To allow processing of offline transactions check the Applied column next to OFFLINE_EXECUTE.

  4. Scroll down and click Save to apply the changes.

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