7.3. Account Status by Colour Code

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Patron accounts are displayed with a coloured frame around the patron's name. The frame colour conveys information about the current status of the patron account. Patrons who have no outstanding fines, overdue items, or alert messages appear with a green frame:

Here are the possible background colours:

  1. - everything in order (no overdues, no fines, not expired, etc.)

  2. - fines or overdue items, but not exceeding maximum limits

  3. - patron exceeds one or more of maximum fines, check out, or overdue limits defined in Group Penalty Thresholds

  4. - there is an alert message under Message button on the account

  5. - there are multiple alert messages under Message button on the account

  6. - there is an alert in body of patron record on the account

  7. - account is inactive

  8. - account is expired

  9. - patron is barred

In the above list the colours with higher numbers take precedence. For example, a patron with a single overdue item would be orange, unless they also had an alert message which would make them yellow. A barred patron with overdue items and an expired account would be red.

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