7.2. Registering New Patrons

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Sitka Snippet Video - Patron Registration (4:13)

Before registering a new patron, you need to do a thorough search to make sure he/she does not already have a record in Sitka Evergreen. It is good practice to ask the patron if they have a library card from another library in BC or MB and scan that card. Patrons may be unaware that they are part of a consortium and their current library card will work at your library. If modification is required, you should modify the existing patron's record instead of creating a new one. See Sitka policy about how to manage new and existing patron BC or MB library cards in Evergreen.


Always use SearchSearch for patron by Barcode for the thorough search if the patron has a library card. Using barcode as a search term on the patron search screen F4 is different from using SearchSearch for patron by barcode F1. It does not search those patrons who have not opted-in to your library.

  1. Press Shift+F1 or select CirculationRegister Patron or click Patron Registration button on circulation toolbar.

  2. Fill in required information. This screen can look different depending on your library's choices regarding required and suggested fields and whether or not you are displaying all fields, required fields, or suggested fields.

  3. When complete click Save at the right top corner of the screen.

It is good practice to give patrons a piece of paper providing your OPAC’s URL, the patron's username, which by default is their barcode number, and the system generated password or the last four-digit of his/her phone number depending on your library's policy. Patrons can login to their account on the OPAC with their user name and password. They are encouraged to change their password. The new password must be in a format with more security features (at least 7-digit long combining numbers and letters). Both username and password are case-sensitive. Patrons can also change their username to something easier to remember (case-sensitive) in the My Account option in the OPAC.

Tips for registering patrons:

All fields with a yellow backgroud and exclamation mark are mandatory.

Duplicate patron check now includes inactive patrons. To view inactive patrons, make sure Include Inactive Patrons? checkbox is selected on patron search screen

Show Only Required Fields button limits the display to the above mandatory fields and fields with a default value. If your library policy specifies other required fields, this button will not retain them. You are recommended not to use this button when registering a patron.

Blank mandatory fields and fields with a value in the wrong format may result in a "Form is invalid" error when saving the record.

For libraries using phone number as patron's password, once the Day Phone field is filled, the last 4 digits of the phone number will be automatically copied over to password fields to replace the random number.

Enter the patron’s middle name into the record if you can. This will help distinguish among patrons as the database grows.  

Juvenile flag: Each library can determine an age threshold of juvenile patrons. If the date of birth in a patron's record falls in the juvenile category, the Juvenile checkbox is automatically selected. If your library does not record patron's date of birth, you may manually select Juvenile checkbox. It is optional.

Email Address: If required, mulitple email addresses can be put in, separated with comma or semicolon.

OPAC/Staff Client Holds Alias is used to replace the patron's name on the hold slip.

The Receive Overdue and Courtesy Emails checkbox allows patrons to opt-out of receiving courtesy and overdue email notifications. If this box is un-checked patrons will not be emailed courtesy and overdue notifications. Patrons are able to set this themselves as well through My Account.

The Hold is behind Circ Desk checkbox is used to identify those patrons who request to pick up holds at the circulation desk when your library's holds are kept in a public area. It works together with the library setting: Hold: Behind Desk Pickup , which can be set up by local system administrators. See Chapter 49, Local Administration Menu.

If a valid postal code is given, the city, province and country information will be automatically retrieved.

Based on your library's policy, patron address may not be mandatory. If you do not want to record the address, you need to delete the field by clicking the red cross sign beside Address. A Blank Address field will result in an error when attempting to save the record.

The consortium decides the shared list of profile groups (patron profiles), but individual libraries can choose to use only a subset of the available options.

There is no link between patron profile group and the Juvenile checkbox. If your library uses the Juvenile checkbox, you need to deselect it when moving a patron from the juvenile profile group to the adult profile group.

There is a default Account expiration date of 3 years for all profile groups except PL New User which has an expiration of 3 months. It shows up once a profile group is selected. You can always change it using the calendar widget or typing a date.

If your library does not control Internet access via patron accounts, you need not change the default value in Internet Access Level.

Always keep Is Group Lead Account unchecked.

Statistical categories are usually used to further group patrons by categories not in the profile groups. Individual libraries can create their own patron statistical categories. There are also consortium-wide and federation-specific categories. See Chapter 49, Local Administration Menu for more information about creating statistical categories.

Clicking the Save and Clone button will save the patron record and open a new patron record. Phone numbers from the previous record will be copied into the new record. Depending on your library's setting (See Chapter 49, Local Administration Menu addresses may be copied over from or linked to the previous record. If your library chooses to link the addresses, the addresses shown in the new record is greyed out and they can only be edited in the original record. However, the linked addresses can be replaced by new ones. Using the New Address button you can create a new address and mark it as both the Mailing and Billing address. Once the record is saved, the linked addresses will be replaced. The address' owning account can not be deleted or merged when other accounts are stil using the address. Records created by cloning are automatically grouped together.

Staff accounts can be used as patron accounts, in terms of circulation. Only Local System Administrators can edit staff accounts.

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