7.6. Merging Patron Records

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Sitka Snippet Video - Merge Patron Records (6:17)


Patron accounts can only be merged together if both accounts have the same home library. Staff may need to update the home library in one of the accounts before performing the merge.

  1. Go to the patron search screen by the dropdown menu SearchSearch for Patrons.

  2. To load the two records on the same search results screen, search by the terms shared by the two records, such as names, phone numbers, etc. Hit Enter or click Search.

  3. Select the two records you want to merge by pressing down the CTRL key and clicking each record. Click Merge Patrons on the top right of the screen.

  4. Select the record you want to keep by checking the radio button Lead Record?# on top of the record. Click Merge button.


    If you want to choose the barcode to keep, you need to choose the record with it as the lead record.


Once two records have been merged, the notes, bills, holds, and outstanding items under the non-lead record are brought to the lead record. Staff-inserted alert messages are not.

Local System Administration permission is required to merge patron records. Sitka support recommends discarding the non-lead card and deleting it as described in Section 52.1, “Deleting Inactive Cards” Your library can also choose to automatically delete inactive card by configuring the Library Setting Patron Merge Barcode Delete to True

An inactive card will retrieve the active account when used on Check Out screen. The system alerts staff to the situation with an informative message.

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