22.1. Basic Search

The homepage for the Sitka catalogue allows you to search for books and other items at your library or libraries.

The homepage contains a single search box for you to enter a search term.

You can select to search by:


You can limit your search by format. Some of the more popular formats in the list are the following:

  • For Books, you can choose All Books, which includes regular print books, large print books, and e-books, All Audiobooks, which includes audiobooks on physical media and e-audiobooks, OR you can choose the individual format. The individual choices are: Books (physical), Books (large print), Books (electronic), Audiobooks (physical) or Audiobooks (electronic).

  • For Videos, you can choose All Videos which includes video formats such as DVD,VHS, Blu-ray, and E-video. OR you can choose the individual format. The individual choices are: Videos (electronic) or Videos (physical).

  • Music will search music on CD or other media.

  • Serials/Magazines will search for physical magazine, serial, or journal titles only.

  • Serials/Magazines (electronic) will search for electronic magazine, serial, or journal titles only.

  • Software/Video Games will search on games, databases, and other software.


If you are using a catalogue in a library or accessing a library’s online catalogue from its homepage, the search will return items for your local library. If your library has multiple branches, the result will display items available at your branch and all branches of your library system separately. If your library participates in Interlibrary Connect the results may display items available across your federation.

If you access the catalogue from https://catalogue.libraries.coop, you may scope your search result to Sitka, regional libraries, a library system or a library branch by clicking into the Library box on the catalogue homepage and selecting the target library from the drop down list. You will then be able to see how many copies of a title are available in all Sitka member libraries across Sitka, or within the regional libraries, or within the library system, or within the branch, depending on search scope selected.

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