13.3. Check Out

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Offline Transactions (2:16)

  1. Click Check Out button to access check out screen.

  2. The Standalone Check Out screen will open.

  3. Make sure the date (on the left end of the menu bar) is correct.

  4. Scan the patron's library card barcode in Enter the patron's barcode box.

  5. Check that the due date is correct. You may delete then type in a due date in Enter the item due date box. You may also click choose one of these dropdown list to select a relative due date based on the loan period.

  6. Scan the items' bacode in Enter the item barcode box. It will appear on the right side of the screen.

  7. For non-catalogued items, you may also click choose a non-barcode option dropdown list to select a non-catalogued category.

    Enter the number of items you want to check out, then click OK on the prompt window.

  8. Scan all the items, changing the due date if necessary.

  9. If you want to print a receipt, make sure the Print receipt? checkbox is selected.


    Receipts will only print if you have previously set a default offline printer in the staff client. See Configure Printers for instructions on setting the default offline printer.

  10. Click Save these transactions.


The default dates are based on your computer settings.

Pre-catalogued item circulation is not available on Offline Interface. If an existing pre-cat barcode happens to be used, it will be checked out with the previous author and title. If a new pre-cat barcode is attempted, an error of ASSET NOT FOUND (item not found) will be returned upon processing offline transactions.


The Delete selected transaction function does not currently work. Misscans need to be resolved as exceptions at this time.

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