Circulation, Hold, and Patron Account Notices

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Table of Contents

53.1. Library Pre-due Notices
53.2. Library Overdue Notices
53.3. Final Notices
53.4. Hold Slip and Holds Notifications
53.5. Patron Account Notices

Patrons with email addresses in Evergreen receive pre-due email reminders three days before items are due. Evergreen also generates email notices for overdues and holds. Optional customized print overdue letters are also available.

Two optional patron account notices are also available

There are three email addresses on the notices besides the recipient’s email: From, Reply-To and Errors-To. The From address has to be the BC Libraries Cooperative's email address. The Reply-To and Errors-To addresses are from the Sending email addresses for patron notices setting in the Library Settings Editor. You must specify a address in this setting. This ensures patron replies are directed to the email of your choice. Bounced emails are also directed to this email address so staff can alert patrons when there is a problem with their email.

Patrons can opt out of receiving overdue and courtesy notice emails in My Account under Notification Preferences.

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