53.2. Library Overdue Notices

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There are three types of overdue notices according to the delivery method:

Notices delivered by email

The server sends overdue emails to patrons once a day, after hours, when the fines generator runs. The emails are generated when an item is 7 days, and then 14 days overdue (this is a global Sitka setting).

These emails are not spam and should not be marked as spam by either patrons or staff.

The overdue email notice templates can be customized at the federation or library level. Please contact Sitka Support for customization.

Notices delivered by paper

Evergreen generates a PDF file of overdue notices and emails the file to you to be printed and distributed to patrons. These notices are created and sent daily.

An empty PDF file means that there is no notice for the day due to no item filling in the overdue category. You will still receive the empty file. If you are not receiving daily PDF files please contact Sitka support.

To set up paper overdues you need to provide Sitka support with the following information:

  • the receiving email address for the PDF file to be sent to.

    Ensure you inform Sitka support if you need to change the receiving email.

  • the intervals at which you would like patrons to receive notices.

    The standard intervals to choose from are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 weeks after the item becomes due. The intervals define when a second, third, or fourth, and so on, letter is sent out.

    The 1 and 2 weeks overdue notices are sent to patrons without email address only. From the 3 weeks overdue notice onwards it is sent to all patrons.


    A final notice which includes billing information can be set to coincide with the system automatically marking long overdue items to lost. See Final Notices for information on setting up this notice.

  • the wording you would like to be used on each notice.

    This wording of the paper notices is customizable by library. PDF notices are set up through the Sitka support team and cannot be modified in the staff client. Please submit required revisions to Sitka support.

Notices delivered by phone

You can set up a recurring report to generate a list of overdues for all patrons, or for those without an email address only. Then you can phone each person individually. You may specify an email address to receive an email reminder each time a list is generated. There are two shared templates for overdue reports in the SITKA_templatesCirculation folder. See Chapter 33, Shared Templates in SITKA_templates for more about using shared templates. Sitka support staff will be very happy to assist if you need help in this process.

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