53.1. Library Pre-due Notices

Library pre-due notices are generated and sent via email to patrons three days before an item is due. Only patrons with email addresses in Evergreen receive pre-due notices.

These emails are not spam and should not be marked as spam by either patrons or staff.

The pre-due notice template can be customized at the federation or library level. Please contact Sitka Support for customization.

Libraries can opt out of pre-due notices using the org.opt_out_email_predue setting in the Library Settings Editor.


One checkout will receive only one pre-due notice. If the due date is extended via Edit Due Date after the pre-due notice is sent out, no new notice will be generated. Staff is encouraged to use Renew or Renew with Specific Due Date function instead of Edit Due Date to make sure a second notice will be generated in the due course.

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