20.4. Merging Bibliographic Records in Evergreen

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Sitka Training Video - Merge Duplicate Bibliographic Records (7:31)

This lesson will demonstrate merging bibliographic records in the catalogue. A common application for this functionality is to replace brief records with full records. You will only need to do this if you are unable to locate a full record in a Z39 target and therefore cannot overlay the brief record on import, or you need to preserve the local information in the record to be overlaid and want to import the record first and copy over the local information on the merging screen. The full record may have been added to the database by another Sitka cataloguer, or you may have created a MARC record in the database yourself.

Any volume and copy records or holds associated with the brief record will be transferred to the full record upon merging.

  1. Create a bucket for the records you wish to merge (see Section 21.1, “Creating Record Buckets” for detailed instructions). In the examples below the bucket is named Horse Books.

  2. Identify records to be merged and add them to the bucket (see Section 21.2, “Adding Records to Buckets”.

  3. Retrieve the bucket by selecting EditRecord Buckets or CataloguingManage Record Buckets.

  4. Click Merge All Records.

  5. Select one record as the Lead Record, which would be the better quality full record, and click Merge. In this example record # 100879689 is the Lead Record. Note that if you wish to edit the lead record, e.g. copying over local information from the non-lead record, you may select the Edit Bib radio button to do it before clicking Merge.

The brief record has been subsumed by the full record, and all of the volumes, copies and holds associated with the brief record are now attached to the full record.


Note some of the options in the record merge screen. You can remove a record from consideration here, view or edit the bibliographic record, and view attached holdings. If the non-lead record has tags for local information, such as 590 and 690, you need to add them to the lead record before merging.

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