Editing and Maintaining MARC records

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Table of Contents

20.1. Editing MARC Records
20.2. MARC Record Leader and MARC fixed field 008
20.3. Format Filters and Format Icons
20.4. Merging Bibliographic Records in Evergreen
20.5. Deleting MARC records (bibliographic or title records)
20.6. Exporting MARC Records

The appropriate title information displayed on OPAC, such as format icons for text, moving pictures and sound relies on correct MARC coding in the leader, and 007 and 008 fields, as do OPAC search filters, such as publication date, item type, or target audience. Bibliographic records matching and de-duplicating also rely on correct MARC coding and consistency in use and content in particular MARC tags, so the ability to edit and manage MARC records is key to maintaining database integrity.

Evergreen allows you to edit MARC tags, sub-fields, and indicators, as well as an easy entry box to edit parts of the leader and 008 fields on a built-in form called MARC Editor. Besides, it also provides a text based editor, which allows you to easily add or remove tags, and/or edit the fields. But you need to pay close attention to the position of the tags, indicators and the spacing required to preserve the record structure.

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