49.1. Overview

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Many Evergreen configuration options are available under the AdminLocal Administration rollover menu.

Items on this menu are visible to anyone logged into the staff client but usually require special permissions to edit. The following table describes each of the menu options and their required permission levels. Contact the Sitka support team if you have questions about settings that cannot be edited with a Local System Administrator (LSA) account.

Menu option Description Permissions
Age Overdue Circs to Lost To create a queue of ALL overdue items by selected patron profiles at selected libraries to be marked lost. It does not support date parameter. This feature is mainly for school libraries' end of term process. To automatically mark items lost when they are overdue for x days contact Sitka support. LSA
Cash Reports View summary report of cash transactions for selected date range All staff
Circulation Limit Set View circulation limit on combination of circ modifier and patron profile Viewable to LSA. Contact Sitka Support for editing
Circulation Policies View circulation policies Viewable to LSA. Contact Sitka Support for editing
Closed Dates Editor Set library closure dates (affects due dates and fines) LSA
Copy Locations Editor Create and edit copy locations, also known as shelving locations LSA
Copy Location Groups Allows one or more shelving locations to be grouped together as a search location. Sitka Support
Copy Location Order Change display order of copy locations on Holds Pull list, also known as shelving locations LSA
Copy Template Editor Admin settings for Serials LSA/Serials staff
'Do Not Attempt Auto-Print' Setting Override default settings to block automatic receipt printing in selected staff client transactions; not yet documented LSA
Field Documentation Create custom notes describing individual staff client fields to library staff; currently applies only to the patron registration fields Sitka support
Group Penalty Thresholds Set library-specific thresholds for maximum items out, maximum overdues, and maximum fines LSA
Hold Policies View Hold Policies LSA
Item Attribute Editor Hide/unhide field(s) on Edit Item Attributes screen LSA
Library Settings Editor Detailed library configuration settings LSA/Sitka supprt
Non-Catalogued Type Editor Create and edit optional non-catalogued item types LSA
Notifications / Action Triggers Admin settings Sitka support
Patrons with Negative Balances Display a list of patron accounts with negative bill balances, to whom the library may owe refunds All staff
Reports Generate reports on any field in the Evergreen database Staff with reporter permission (report output optionally visible to all staff)
Search Filter Groups Not in use Sitka support
Standing Penalties Admin settings Sitka support
Statistical Categories Editor Create and manage optional categories for detailed patron/item information LSA
Surveys Create patron surveys to be completed at patron registration LSA
Transit List View items in transit to or from your library during selected date range All staff
Work Log List the most recent transactions processed at the selected workstation All staff

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