49.9. Group Penalty Thresholds

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Group Penalty Thresholds block circulation transactions for users who exceed maximum check out limits, number of overdue items, or fines. Settings for your library are visible under AdminLocal AdministrationGroup Penalty Thresholds. There are four penalties in use now.

Penalty Effect
PATRON_EXCEEDS_FINES Blocks new circulations and renewals if patron exceeds X in fines
PATRON_EXCEEDS_OVERDUE_COUNT Blocks new circulations if patron exceeds X overdue items
PATRON_EXCEEDS_CHECKOUT_COUNT Blocks new circulations if patron exceeds X items out
PATRON_EXCEEDS_LOST_COUNT Blocks new circulations if patron exceeds X lost items

Accounts that meet or exceed penalty thresholds display an alert message when opened and require staff overrides for blocked transactions.

49.9.1. Penalty threshold inheritance rules

Local penalty thresholds are identified by Org Unit and appear in the same table as the Sitka defaults.

Where there is more than one threshold for the same penalty Evergreen gives precedence to local settings. In this example BSQ patrons are blocked when owing $5.00 in fines () instead of the Sitka default of $9999.00 ().

Thresholds and are both for BSQ but apply to different user profile groups. Threshold limits all patrons to a maximum of 9999 items out, but provides an exception for the PL BC OneCard profile.


Multi-branch libraries may create rules for the entire library system or for individual branches. Evergreen will use the most specific applicable rule.

49.9.2. Creating local penalty thresholds

Local System Administrators can override the Sitka defaults by creating local penalty thresholds for selected patron groups.

  1. Select AdminLocal AdministrationGroup Penalty Thresholds.

  2. Click New Penalty Threshold.

  3. The new penalty pop-up appears. Complete all fields and click Save.

    Group - the profile group to which the rule applies. Selecting Public Library Patrons includes all profiles below it in the user hierarchy (PL BC OneCard, PL ILL, etc).

    Org Unit - multi-branch libraries may create rules for individual branches or the entire library system.


  4. After clicking Save the new threshold appears with the Sitka defaults. Evergreen always gives precedence to local settings (in this example, BSP).


For user groups that have no limits Sitka Support recommends setting thresholds to 9999.

49.9.3. Deleting or editing local penalty thresholds

To delete a local threshold select the row to remove and click Delete Selected. The threshold is removed immediately without further confirmation.

To edit a local threshold, double-click the desired row to open the pop-up form. Edit the form and click Save. New settings take effect immediately.

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