49.4. Closed Dates Editor

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Closed Dates Editor - Pacific Time Zone (2:57)

Closed Dates Editor - Mountain and Central Time Zones (4:35)

These dates are in addition to your regular weekly closed days (see Section 50.1.1, “Library Hours of Operation”).   Both regular closed days and those entered in the Closed Dates Editor affect due dates, fines, and targeting for holds:


Sitka libraries not in the Pacific time zone must off-set their closed dates to ensure correct behaviour. See the Non-Pacific Time Zone section below for details.

Multi-Day Closing

  1. Select AdminLocal AdministrationClosed Dates Editor.

  2. Select Add Multi-Date Closing if your closed dates are entire business days.

  3. Enter applicable dates and a descriptive reason for the closing and click Save.  Check the Apply to all of my libraries box if your library is a multi-branch system and the closing applies to all of your branches.  


You can type dates into fields using YYYY-MM-DD format or use calendar widgets to choose dates.

Detailed Closing

If your closed dates include a portion of a business day, select Add Detailed Closing at Step 2, then enter detailed hours and dates and click Save. Time format must be HH:MM.

Libraries in Non-Pacific Time Zone

Sitka's Evergreen server is in the Pacific time zone. To ensure correct closed date behaviour Sitka libraries not in the Pacific time zone must off-set their closed date entries by using Add Detailed Closing for all closures.

  1. Select Add Detailed Closing.

  2. Enter start date and select All Day under start time. To compensate for the time zone difference, the end date/time should be 1am for libaries in the Mountain Time Zone or 2am for libraries in the Central Time Zone the day after the closure. The example below is for a one day closure on September 6, 2010 for a library in the Mountain Time Zone. Click Save when finished.

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