49.3. Circulation Policies

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  1. A user with LSA privileges can view your library's circulation policies. Changes to circulation policies can be requested through the Sitka support team.

    Select AdminLocal AdministrationCirculation Policies.

  2. By default, your library is selected in the box after Context Org Unit (i.e. Checkout Library). The initial display will show all circulation rules at your library and the federation level. You can filter the display to show rules applied to just your library's items.

    Click Filter under Context Org Unit.

    In the popped up window, select Copy Circ Lib from the first dropdown list; Is from the second list and your library the third.

    Click Apply to limit display to just your library.

  3. The resulting screen provides a summary view of each circulation rule for your library, and more detail can be seen by clicking on the individual entries.


    Circulation policies define the loan duration, renewals, recurring fine rate, maximum fine amount, grace period and maximum items out rules for different combinations of User Permission Groups and Home Library, and Circ Modifiers for items belonging to one library or library system. Other item attributes may be used for more specific rules. Please contact Sitka support.

    The current circulation polices allow items to be checked out and renewed at any library in your library federation.

  4. Select the individual circulation policy for viewing by double-clicking on the desired row.

    The circulation rules are typically attached to the Org Unit (checkout library), User Permission Group, and Copy Circ Library and Circulation Modifier of the items being circulated. For example, the rule below is for items with circulating library of BPRDP and circulation modifier of 'book' to be checked out to PL Extended Loans patrons at any library of IslandLink Library Federation .

    Each circulation rule defines the Loan Duration, Renewal, Recurring Fine, Maximum Fine, Grace Period and whether the item is allowed to circulate at all. For example, circulation items falling under the rule below would have a loan duration rule of '35_1', a recurring fine rule of 'twentyfivecents' per day and a maximum fine amount of 'fivedollar'.

    A rule is 'turned off', if the Active box is unchecked.

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