6.4. Logging in to Evergreen

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An account with library staff permissions is required to log in to the Evergreen staff client. Each staff member can have their own username and password, or generic logins can be used. For more information about staff profiles and permissions see Chapter 56, Staff Accounts.

Normal Login

  1. Open the Evergreen staff client.

  2. The hostname should display in the Server section. Status and Version should both display as 200 : OK.


    If Status displays as There was an error testing this hostname. check that the hostname has been entered correctly and that your internet connection is working.

    If Version displays as 404 : Not Found check that your staff client version matches the version on server you are attempting to connect to. You can check the staff client version by clicking on Help and selecting About this client. The version appears as Target Server ID.

  3. In the Authentication section, enter a library staff account Username and Password into the appropriate fields.

  4. Click Login.

Offline Login

During a network outage staff can login to the Offline Module, also known as the Standalone Interface.

See Offline Transactions for instructions on using the Offline Module.

  1. Open the Evergreen staff client.

  2. Click Standalone Interface.

  3. The Evergreen Standalone Interface, also referred to as the Offline Module, will open.


If your connection to Evergreen is lost during open hours, click Standalone Interface to continue with check out and patron registration functions until the connection is restored. When there are offline transactions to be uploaded in a workstation, Offline Transactions Pending will show up on top of Standalone Interface in red.


For regular uploading and processing offline transactions, use Offline Transaction Management on the Admin menu. Export Transactions and Import Transactions on the login screen are used to copy offline transaction files out of or into a workstation. They are designed for extreme cases when a workstation will not be able to connect to the network anymore.

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