6.1. Installing the Evergreen Staff Client

Auto-updating an Existing Staff Client

Using the the Staff Client Auto-Update (1:43)

  1. On the login screen of the staff client click on HelpCheck for upgrades.

  2. A new screen will appear indicating that there is an update available. Click Update Evergreen.

  3. Click Restart Evergreen

  4. The partial update failing is normal. Click OK to download the complete update.

  5. Click Restart Evergreen

  6. Evergreen should restart and now indicate 200 : OK for both Status and Version.

    If auto-update does not work try downloading and installing a new staff client.

Installing a New Staff Client

To use Evergreen you must first download and install the Evergreen 2.10 staff client. The customized Sitka staff client is available for download from the BC Libraries Cooperative website here: http://bc.libraries.coop/support/staff-client-executables/

Due to Sitka specific customizations on our servers the Evergreen Community 2.10 staff client will not work with the Sitka servers.

For a video tutorial on downloading, installing, and registering the staff client see: Installing the Staff Client - 4:28

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