Adding Bibliographic Records to the Database

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Table of Contents

19.1. MARC Records via Z39.50 Interface
19.1.1. Importing Records via Z39.50 Interface
19.1.2. Overlaying Records via Z39.50 Interface
19.2. MARC Batch Import
19.2.1. Import MARC Records
19.2.2. Uploading MARC Record Files
19.2.3. Importing and Merging Records from Queues
19.2.4. Managing Queues
19.3. Sitka’s Minimum MARC record
19.4. Creating New MARC Records
19.5. Cataloguing non-physical resources

When there is no matching MARC record for your item, you may import one from the Z39.50 sources or the files supplied by your vendors. Or you may create a new MARC record if you can not find one from other sources.

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