10.7. Holds Shelf List and Clearing Shelf-Expired Holds

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  1. Items with Ready-for-pickup status are on the Holds Shelf List. The Holds Shelf List can help you manage items on the holds shelf. To see the holds shelf list, select CirculationBrowse Holds Shelf

  2. The Holds Shelf List is displayed. Note the Actions for Selected Holds are available, as in the patron record. You can cancel stale holds here.

  3. Select View Clearable Holds checkbox to list expired or cancelled holds only. The Clear These Holds button is then lit up. Click it and the expired holds will be cancelled.

  4. Print the list, bring the items down from the hold shelf and check them in.


If you cancel a ready-for-pickup hold, you must check in the item to make it available for circulation or trigger the next hold in line.

Hold shelf expire time is inserted when a hold achieves on-hold-shelf status. It is calculated according to the individual library's default hold shelf time expire interval in the Library Settings Editor. See Chapter 49, Local Administration Menu.

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