20.5. Deleting MARC records (bibliographic or title records)

Due to cascading record deletion on sole copies, you may find you do not need to delete MARC records very often, as Evergreen does this for you.

Remember that Sitka has Evergreen configured to always delete a MARC record when the only copy attached to it is deleted and you can only delete a MARC record if there are no holdings attached to it in the database. This may happen if you have imported a new MARC record in error, and have not attached any holdings to it, or some other error or conversion circumstance that leaves a MARC record in the database with no holdings attached.

You can delete a MARC record directly from the catalogue view.

  1. Find the record in the catalogue and go to Record Details, and click on Actions for this RecordDelete Record.

  2. Confirm the deletion by checking box as indicated then click Delete

  3. Click OK when prompted. Record is now deleted and inactive and only retrievable by a TCN (title control number) search or bibliographic record id (presented at deletion confirmation prompt).

You may also delete MARC records from a Record Bucket.


If you delete a MARC record in error, you may immediately undelete it on screen by selecting Actions for this RecordUndelete Record.

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