Deleting Inactive Cards and Patron Accounts by Sitka's In-house Patron Deletion Tool

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Table of Contents

52.1. Deleting Inactive Cards
52.2. Deleting Patron Accounts

The patron deletion tool developed by the Sitka Support team allows Local System Administrators to delete inactive cards and patron accounts. This is done outside patron's records and a small batch of barcodes/records can be deleted at once. The table below describes a few scenarios where this tool may be used.

Scenario Action
An active patron lost a card and was issued a new one (using Replace Barcode) Delete the lost card (optional)
A patron is no longer active and their account should be removed completely Delete patron account
An active patron has more than one account Merge the accounts. Choose the card number that you want to keep as the lead record. See Section 7.6, “Merging Patron Records”.

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