52.1. Deleting Inactive Cards

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Sitka Snippet Video - Delete Lost Cards (2:17)

When a patron's card is marked lost and a new barcode is assigned, the old barcode remains in the Evergreen database as an inactive card. Deleting lost or inactive cards is optional. Patrons cannot check out items or log into the OPAC with an inactive card, but the lost cards can be used to retrieve active patron data in the staff client. Whether a library routinely deletes inactive cards is a matter of local policy.


Staff can only delete cards for patrons whose home library is their library or one of their branches.

Staff can edit the patron's account and update the home library in order to delete the card.

  1. To delete inactive cards, start a new tab by FileNew Tab or CTRL T. Click Delete Patron Account under Admin.

  2. Login with a Local System Administrator username and password.

  3. Enter one or more inactive cards to delete (one barcode per line). Ensure the Delete cards only box is checked, then click Submit.

  4. After a few seconds the confirmation screen appears (for multiple cards it may take longer). It is not possible to delete a patron's primary card. Review patron data, select the card(s) you wish delete, then click Delete Checked Cards.

  5. The deletion report lists successfully deleted cards.

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