52.2. Deleting Patron Accounts

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Sitka Snippet Video - Delete Patron Acounts (2:06)

Deleted accounts remain in the Evergreen database for reporting purposes but are no longer accessible from the staff client. The deletion tool checks the following before deleting any account:


If deleting a duplicate record for an active patron please see Section 7.6, “Merging Patron Records”


Staff can only delete patrons whose home library is their library or one of their branches.

Staff can edit the patron's account and update the home library in order to delete the patron.

  1. To delete patron accounts, start a new tab by FileNew Tab or CTRL T. Click Delete Patron Account under Admin.

  2. Login with a Local System Administrator username and password.

  3. Enter one or more accounts to delete, one per line, then click Submit.

  4. The confirmation screen appears (if deleting multiple accounts this may take longer). Accounts that cannot be deleted because of active holds or circulations are flagged and the check-boxes greyed out. Accounts with outstanding bills are un-checked by default but can be selected to void the fines and proceed with deletion. Click Delete Checked Patrons to continue.

  5. The deletion report lists successfully deleted accounts.

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