8.1. Check Out (F1)

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Sitka Training Video - Check Out (2:04)

the section called “Regular Items”

the section called “Pre-catalogued Items”

the section called “Non-catalogued Items”

the section called “Due Dates”

Regular Items

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  1. To check out an item press F1 or select CirculationCheck Out Items.

  2. Scan or enter patron’s barcode and click Submit if entering barcode manually. If scanning, number is submitted automatically.

  3. Scan or enter item barcode manually, clicking Submit if needed.

  4.  Due date is now displayed.

  5. When all items are scanned, click Done at bottom right of screen to generate slip receipt or to exit patron record if not printing slip receipts.

Pre-catalogued Items

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Sitka Snippet Video - Pre-catalogued Items Checkout (2:31)

  1. Go to patron's Check Out screen by CirculationCheck Out Items.

  2.  Scan the item barcode.

  3.  At prompt, click Pre-catalogued.

  4. Enter required information and click Checkout.


    On check-in, Evergreen will prompt staff to re-route the item to cataloguing.

Non-catalogued Items

You can use this function for items such as paperbacks or magazines that you may not care if the patron doesn't return. Items are checked out with a due date but when the due date expires, the items disappear from the patron's record and no fines accrue. Circulation statistics are collected.


Non-cat circulation statistics are kept separately from regular and pre-cat circulation statistics. Use Sitka's non-cat circulation reports to generate the numbers.

  1. Go to the patron's Check Out screen by selecting CirculationCheck Out Items.

  2. Click on the drop-down list in Barcode and choose the type of non-catalogued items.

  3. Enter the number of items being circulated and click OK.

Due Dates

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When items are checked out, due dates are automatically calculated and inserted into circulation records using the library's circulation policies. The Specific Due Date checkbox allows you to set a different due date to override the pre-set loan period.

Before you scan the item, select the Specific Due Date checkbox. Use the calendar widget to select a date. Or click in day, month or year, then use the up or down arrows to make the change or simply delete the data, then enter again. Time is used for hourly loan only. This date applies to all items until you change the date, de-select Specific Due Date checkbox, or quit the patron record.

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