7.4. Updating Patron Records

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Updating Patron Information

Renewing Library Cards

Marking Library Cards Lost

Resetting a Patron's Password

Barring a Patron

There are some tasks you need to do in your daily operation with the patron records, e.g. updating patron's contact information, renewing an expired library card, marking a library card lost, resetting patron's password, barring a patron, inserting a note or alert message, etc.

7.4.1. Updating Patron Information

  1. Retrieve a patron record. Here we use SearchSearch for patron by barcode or F1.

  2. Scan the barcode, or type barcode and click Submit.

  3. Once the patron record is loaded, Check Out is the default screen. Your library may choose to display the Bills screen first if the patron has bills. See Chapter 49, Local Administration Menu. Click Edit to retrieve patron information.

  4. Edit required fields.

  5. Once editing is done, click the Save button at the right top corner.


Required Survey questions, if any, need to be answered every time when saving the patron record.


Patrons may edit their address on OPAC if your library allows it in the Library Settings Editor. Such addresses will be displayed on top of the existing address in patron record for staff to approve.

To approve it, click Approve Address. It will replace the existing address.

7.4.2. Renewing Library Cards

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Follow the steps above to retrieve the patron record and update the expiration date in the patron’s record. You can use the calendar widget, which shows up automatically once clicking in the field, or simply click the Update Expire Date button. Clicking the Update Expire Date button will re-calculate the user's expire date to 3 years from today's date. Once done, click Save button at the right top corner.

7.4.3. Marking Library Cards Lost

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  1. Follow the steps above to retrieve the patron record. Click Replace Barcode beside Barcode.

  2. Scan or type a new barcode in the blank field.

  3. Save the changes by clicking Save button at the top right corner.


If the username is still the original barcode, it should be replaced with the new barcode number.

Once a library card is marked lost, Evergreen marks the card inactive and keeps it in the database.

If the patron has lost a library card before, the See All button shows up beside the Replace Barcode. Click it. All barcodes that the patron has had are displayed in a pop-up window. Staff can now reactivate an inactive card, by de-selecting Active for current card, and selecting Active for card they wish to activate. Staff can also assign the active barcode as the primary card, and these two edits should be done in tandem; the Active card has to be the Primary Card. Click Apply, and Save.

7.4.4. Resetting a Patron's Password

Follow the steps above to retrieve the patron record. Click Reset Password button or type in a new password in Password and Verify Password fields. Save the record.


Existing password is not displayed in patron records for security reasons.


If your library uses the last 4 digits of phone number as the default password (Patron: Password from phone # is set to True on Library Settings Editor), please do not use Reset Password button. Instead type in the phone number, then save the record. Clicking the Reset Password button will generate a random number.


You can only reset passwords for accounts with less permissions than your account. For example, if your account is PL Circ + Full Cat you can reset a password for PL Circulator but you cannot reset a password for PL Local System Administrator.

7.4.5. Invalidate Email Address or Phone Number

Invalidating patron emails ensures that Evergreen does not continue to attempt to send emails to an invalid email address. Accumulated bounced back emails may result in emails from Evergreen (such as overdue and pre-due notices) being blocked by some email service providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc). This may affect all Sitka Evergreen users.

Invalidating patron phone numbers ensures that staff do not continue to attempt to call patrons at numbers that are no longer in service or assigned to the patrons.


Libraries should regularly check the bounced-back emails and invalidate the email addresses accordingly to ensure smooth notification services from Evergreen.

  1. Open the patron's record.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Beside the patron's email address click the Invalidate button.  (This button will only appear if the email field is filled.)

    The patron's email will be cleared from the email field

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Refresh.

  6. The patron's account will have an alert regarding the invalid email.

    A message will also appear at the top of the patron's record saying Invalid Email. Clicking on this message will take you to the Messages screen.

  7. In the alert and on the Messages screen you can see the invalid email. This enables you to compare it with what the patron says their email should be. You can delete the the message when it is resolved.


The same procedure can be followed to invalidate a patron's phone number.

7.4.6. Update Patron Address

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After retrieving the patron record, go to Edit tab. Scroll down to Address to edit it, then click Save.

If you want to delete an address, you may click the red coloured cross, then save the record.

If you want to add a new address, you may click the New Address button at the bottom of Address section. A new form is displayed for you to enter a new address. Select the Mailing or Billing radio button accordingly. Save the record.

If the address is greyed out, which means the patron shares the address belonging to another patron, you need to edit the address in the address owner's account. Click the blue coloured link of the address owner's name. The address owner's account will be opened in a new tab. You may edit the address there.

If the patron does not share the address anymore, you may add a new address and remove the link by the following procedure.

  1. Click New Address button.

  2. Type in the new address in the new address form.

  3. Select the Mailing and Billing radio buttons in the new Address. You will notice that the two radio buttons in the old address are automatically deselected.

  4. Save the record.


Please do not click the red cross in the greyed out address. Attempting to delete the greyed out address will cause an error when saving the record.

7.4.7. Barring a Patron

Follow the steps above to retrieve the patron record. Select Barred checkbox. It is good practice to put a note in the Alert Message field to explain why the patron is barred. Save the record.


 Barring a patron from one library bars that patron from all consortium member libraries.

To unbar a patron, uncheck the Barred checkbox and remove the alert message.

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