6.5. Change Operator

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The login account of a workstation can be changed to another one without logging out first. Go to AdminChange Operator:New in Evergreen main window.

In the popup window, type in the new staff username and password. Read the instruction carefully and choose a New Login Type from the dropdown list. Click Authorization. The menu bar's background colour will be changed to red.


Temporary logins expire in a few minutes of inactivity. Choose it if you need the new account for some specific task, which can be finished very quickly. Remember to switch back to the old login once you finish it, or else staff may see the session expired prompt. The old session may NOT be restored if the timeout occurs at some screens. Log out and re-log in if it happens.


Staff logins are the same as the old login, but you can switch back to the old login at any time.

Permanent logins discard the old login and replace it. You can not switch back.

To switch back to the old account, Go to AdminChange Operator: NewUsername.

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