16.7. Transferring holdings

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There are times when you need to move copy records from one title record to another, or move copies from one volume to another under the same or another title record. This lesson will demonstrate the steps required to achieve a transfer. The critical step is to ensure that you first mark the destination record. In some cases you may also need to first create a volume record. Co-op support recommends you read through the process first before starting, as each scenario has different characteristics.

Transferring volumes

When you want to transfer all items under one call number/volume to another title or another branch under the same title, you may use Transfer Volume. Evergreen will transfer both call number and all copies under it to the new title or branch.

  1. Find the destination or target record and go to Holdings Maintenance. Highlight your library or branch, right click and select Mark Library as Volume Transfer Destination. Or you may click Actions for Selected RowsMark Library as Volume Transfer Destination.

  2. Find the volume record you need to transfer on Holdings Maintenance. Highlight it, right click and select Transfer Volumes to Previously Marked Library.

  3. Confirm the transfer and click Transfer.

  4. Refresh the screen to see the change, if not automatically done.


To do the transfer step, you may also find the item(s) on Item Status (F5) screeen. Click Actions for CatalogursTransfer Volumes to Previously Marked Library. Both call number and copies will be transferred to the previously marked destination. You may transfer mulitple records at one time by highlighting all of them.

If the destination title/branch has a volume with the same call number label, the copies will be merged into that volume.

Holds under the title, volume or copy will not be transferred with the holdings. They need to be manually transferred to the destination record.

Transferring copies

Sometimes you may need to transfer copy records only from one volume to another, e.g. transferring a copy from reference collection to circulating collection using a different call number, or transferring one copy from one branch to another that already has a voume and copy.

  1. To transfer a copy record to another volume, find your target record in the catalogue, and go to Holdings Maintenance screen.

  2. Find your target volume on the record and right-click on it and select Mark Volume as Item Transfer Destination. Or you may select Actions for Selected RowsMark Volume as Item Transfer Destination.

  3. Go to the catalogue and find the record containing the copy you wish to transfer and go to Holdings Maintenance. Highlight the record you wish to transfer. Select Actions for Selected Rows Transfer Items to Previously Marked Volume. Alternatively, you may do this transfer step by scanning the item barcode into Item Status (F5)screen and making the same choice from Actions for Cataloguers menu. The screenshot below is from Item Status screen.

  4. Confirm the transfer details and click Transfer.


You may transfer multiple copies to a previously marked volume on the Item Status (F5) screen by scanning all copies into the screen, selecting all to highlight, then choosing Actions for Cataloguers Transfer Items to Previously Marked Volume. 

Transferring copies to a title without a call number/volume yet

Sometimes you may need to transfer copies only to a title/branch that does not yet have a volume record or you wish to use a different call number label. For example, you want to transfer one of the two copies from one branch to another that does not have a copy. In this scenario you will need to first create a zero copy volume record (a volume record without any copy record under it) on the destination library/branch.

  1. Find the destination record in the catalogue and go to Holdings Maintenance. Highlight the library/branch and right click to select Add Volumes or select Actions for Selected RowsAdd Volumes

  2. Add your call number without a barcode, then click either Create with Defaults or Create then Edit to create the volume record.

  3. Back on Holdings Maintenance screen, highlight this volume record and Mark as Item Transfer Destination as described above.

  4. Find the copy record to be transferred either via Holdings Maintenance or Item Status screen as above described, and select Transfer Item to Previously Marked Volume.


Depending on your workflow, you can use the transfer function to transfer Pre-Cat records to MARC records. You may need to first create a volume record on the destination title record, or at minimum mark a volume as Item Transfer Destination, then go to Item Status (F5) screen to transfer your Pre-Cat item to the destination record.

You may edit the Circulating Library field on Copy Editor to move a copy to another branch. But the call number's owning library will remain unchanged. On Holdings Maintenance screen, the item will be displayed under the call number's owning library.

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