16.5. Replacing a barcode

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Sitka Snippet Video - Replace Item Barcode (0:58)

The simplest way to replace an item's barcode is to use Replace Barcode function on the Circulation or Cataloguing dropdown menu. You will be prompted to enter the old barcode and then the new barcode. Replace Barcode function is also available on Holdings Maintenance screen.

The Edit function (the link beside item's barcode) on Record Details screen on the catalogue allows you to update barcode, too.

You may also replace a barcode on the Item Status (F5) screen.

  1. Access the Item Status screen and scan or enter the existing barcode you wish to edit.

  2. Highlight the item row and select Actions for Cataloguers or Actions for Selected Items and choose Replace Barcode.

  3. Scan or enter new barcode and click OK.

  4. Your item is displayed on Item Status screen with its new barcode, and the old barcode will no longer retrieve the item.

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