16.2. Editing holdings

In Evergreen, the call number is kept in a separate record, called volume or call number record. (These two terms are used interchangably in this document.) Call number can not be edited on Copy Editor. Items under the same title with the same call number share the same call number record. Copy records and volume records can be edited at several places.

  1. You may edit items and call numbers on Item Status screen if you know the item's barcode. Go to Search Search for Copies by Barcode F5 OR Circulation Show Item Status by Barcode F5 OR CataloguingDisplay Item F5. Scan or type in the barcode. Once the item is displayed, highlight it.

    To edit the copy record, click Actions for CataloguersEdit Item Attributes . The item will be loaded into Copy Editor. Edit the fields that you want to and click Apply after each editing. Click Modifiy Copy when all editing is done.

    To edit the call number, click Actions for CataloguersEdit Volumes. The call number is loaded in a popup window. Edit, then click Modify to save.


    Evergreen does not allow two identical call numbers for one title, one library. You will be prompted if an existing identical call number is detected. You may select Auto-Merge on Volume Collision checkbox to avoid the prompt. The copies will be put under one call number.

    Since copies and call numbers are separate records, their owning/circulating library may be different. Item's circulating library should match where it is usually located.

  2. You may edit an item and/or its call number after finding it on the catalogue. Simply click Edit beside the barcode on the record details screen.

    You may edit call number and barcode on this screen. If you do not wish to edit any item attribute, click Re-barcode/Update Items,otherwise click Edit then Re-barcode to load the item in Copy Editor for further editing.

  3. You may edit copy and call number records on Holdings Maintenance screen. To edit a call number, highlight the line with call number and click Actions for Selected RowsEdit Volumes.

    To edit the copy record, highlight the line with barcode and click Actions for Selected RowsEdit Items.


You may edit multiple records of the same type displayed on the same screen at one time by highlighting all of them using Ctrl or Shift key and mouse click.

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