2.1. Canceled Transit Status

Previously, when a transit was aborted, the transited item would either go into Reshelving status or would return to whatever status it was in when it went into transit, even when the item itself was in a different status (including Checked out). Now, for most transits that get aborted, the item is put into a new status, Canceled Transit, which signals to staff the actual state of the item.

This feature affects items with a status of In transit, Lost, and Checked out, only, and does not affect items that were in any other status before they went into transit. Those items will revert to their prior status.

Items in Canceled Transit status must be checked in (you can run a report periodically to check for items in this status).

This change should help clear up confusing situations caused by the previous "abort transit" behaviour, such as items showing "Available" when they are actually en route, and patrons' items disappearing from their accounts and showing "Available" at the item-owning library without evidence of check-in.

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