21.1. Creating Record Buckets

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There are two ways to create a bucket. You can either create a bucket first, without accessing any records, or you can access a record and choose to create the bucket from that view. We will demonstrate both methods here, beginning with creating a bucket independent of a record.

  1. Select EditRecord Buckets or CataloguingManage Record Buckets.

  2. Select New Bucket.

  3. Name the bucket and click OK.

  4. Click OK on the resulting confirmation dialogue.

  5. The Bucket View has changed to display your new bucket as the active bucket. Note the bucket is numbered, and creating owner identified.

  6. Note that all buckets created by this login are available in the drop down menu.


    The last option under Bucket Actions is Locate Z39.50 Matches. This feature allows you to search for replacement records via Z39.50 for all records in a bucket. If you are interested in this feature, please contact Co-op support.

  7. You can also create a bucket from within a record. Search for, retrieve, and display any bibliographic record, then choose Actions for this RecordAdd to Bucket.

  8. Select Add to New Bucket.

  9. Name the bucket and click OK. The results are the same as creating a bucket using the steps above, with the difference being the new bucket created on the fly now has a record in it.

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