21.2. Adding Records to Buckets

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Now that you have created a bucket, you can begin to add records.

  1. Search for, retrieve, and display any bibliographic record, then choose Actions for this RecordAdd to Bucket.

  2. Select the appropriate bucket and click Add to Selected Bucket.

  3. If required, go back to the Record Bucket tab to confirm the action. You will see your bucket now contains the record.

  4. You can continue adding records as required.


You may also add bibliographic records to a bucket via the F5 Item Status screen. Scan item barcodes into the screen, select all, choose Actions for Cataloguers or Actions for Selected Items and choose Add to Record Bucket.This will place all the bibliobgraphic records associated with the item records you scanned into a bucket.


Note the column picker allows you to manipulate data display within the bucket.

Clicking on List Actions > Save List CSV to File exports all column headers and displayed data to your computer in a text file format. This can be useful for creating bibliographies or similar lists.

Clicking on List Actions > Print List CSV prints column headers and displayed data.

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