18.1. Adding Copy Records to Copy Buckets

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You may create a copy bucket by going to the dropdown menu EditCopy Buckets. Click New Bucket. You may also create a new bucket when attempting to add an item to a bucket.

To add items to a bucket, select or create a bucket in the Bucket View first. Scan item barcodes into the box in the Pending Copies pane shown on the above screen. Select Add All or Add Select to move pending items to the selected bucket in the lower pane. Use Ctrl or Shift with mouse clicking to select multiple items.

Copy record is now in the selected bucket.

You may also add copy records to a bucket when they are displayed on some other screens, such as Holdings Maintenance, Item Status, Check In and Items Out in patron accounts. Add Items to Buckets is included in the actions list on these screens.

To add a copy record to a copy bucket from the Holdings Maintenance screen, highlight the item and choose Actions for Selected RowsAdd Items to Buckets.

You can either add to an existing bucket, or a new bucket.

To add copy records to a copy bucket on the Item Status (F5) screen. From the Item Status screen select required record(s) and choose Actions for CataloguersAdd to Item Bucket, as shown below, or choose Actions for Selected ItemsAdd to Item Bucket.


You may highlight multiple items and add all of them to a copy bucket at one time.

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