Using the Booking Module

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Adapted with permission from original material by the Evergreen Community

Table of Contents

46.1. Evergreen Booking Tutorial
46.2. Creating a Booking Reservation
46.3. Reservation Pull List
46.4. Capturing Items for Reservations
46.5. Picking Up Reservations
46.6. Returning Reservations
46.7. Cancelling a Reservation

With the Evergreen Booking Module you can reserve catalogued (bibliographic) or non-catalogued (non-bibliographic) items for a particular patron for a specified time period. This chapter will help staff create reservations, generate pull lists for reserved items, capture reserved resources, and pick up and return reservations.

The Booking Module allows you to lend out non-bibliographic items. They are called resources in Evergreen. Almost anything you lend out can be entered as a resource. Laptops, projectors, cables, ski locks, bike locks, cameras, easels, meeting rooms, even staplers can be lent using the Booking Module.

The Booking Module can also be used to reserve bibliographic items. For example, do you have a special program coming up that you need all the books on ducks for? You can reserve them for the specific day of your program to make sure they will come back and are not checked out when getting near to your program day.

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