9.7. Bill History

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  1. To view a patron’s bill history, retrieve the patron record and go to the Bills screen, and then click History.

  2. On Bill History, you can view all bills or bills incurred in a specified time frame. You can use the calendar widgets to specify the Start Date and End Date, and then click Retrieve Transactions.


  3. For more information about a particular bill, you can select the bill on the list and click Full Details at the bottom of the above screen and the bill details are displayed in a pop-up window.

  4. You may add a bill entry to an existing bill. Highlight the bill, then click Add Billing button at the bottom of the above screen.

On the Bill History screen, you can also view payments by selecting the Payments tab. You can view all payments or payments made within a time frame.

To view the details of a particular payment, highlight the line and click the Full Details button at the bottom.



Items can be deleted from the catalogue even if a charge for that item is still attached to the patron's record. The charge will remain on the patron's account after the deletion.

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