9.4. Adjust Bill Balance to Zero

Sitka Snippet Video - Adjust to Zero on Bills (1:45)

An Adjust to Zero option has been added to the bills interface of the patron record. This option will always adjust the selected bill to a zero balance. It can also be used to easily clear a negative balance from the patron’s record.


This feature is used instead of void a bill in almost all procedures. Local System Administrators are able to void bills on the rare occasions it is necessary.

  1. Retrieve patron using F1 (retrieve patron by barcode) or F4 (patron search).

  2. Click on Bills button.

  3. All bills under one transaction are grouped under one bill line. Select the bill line and click Actions for Selected TransactionsAdjust to Zero and click Yes when asked to confirm.


If partial bill should be cleared, staff may collect the partial payment first, then Adjust to Zero to resolve the bill. Ask a supervisor to help when partial bill should be cleared but no payment can be made.

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