9.6. Adding New "Grocery" Bills

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A grocery bill can be added as a new bill or to an existing bill.

To add a grocery bill as a new bill:

  1. Retrieve the patron record and select Bills.

  2. Select Bill Patron.

  3. Grocery is the only available transaction type. Choose appropriate billing type from the drop down menu.

  4. Enter amount in Amount field and any required note in Note field. Click Submit this Bill, and then confirm it.


    Local bill types may have a pre-set amount.

To add a grocery bill to an existing bill line:

  1. Retrieve the patron record and go to the Bills screen.

  2. Select the bill to which you want to add, and click Actions for Selected TransactionsAdd Billing. Click Yes on the confirmation prompt.

  3. Follow steps 3 - 5 in Section 9.6, “Adding New "Grocery" Bills” to select billing type, fill in amount and note, if required, then submit the bill.

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