16.4. Batch Updating via Item Status screen

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Sitka Snippet Video - Batch Update Using Item Status (3:22 )

As discussed in the Circulation chapter, the Item Status (F5) screen is a very useful interface for all library staff. Cataloguers can perform multiple tasks from this screen. The example below demonstrates updating shelving location on multiple items. You can batch update any editable field in item records following this procedure. See Section 8.6, “Item Status (F5)” for more details.

  1. Press F5 on your keyboard or use the dropdown menu to access Item Status screen.

  2. Scan all barcodes into Barcode field or use Upload From File if your barcodes are saved in a file.

  3. Select the barcodes you wish to edit using the Shift or Ctrl on your keyboard.

  4. Select Actions for Cataloguers Edit Item Attributes. 

  5. The Copy Editor window opens. Note all the barcodes, different call numbers and shelving locations are displayed.

  6. Select required shelving location and click Apply, just as if editing one record.

  7. Click Modify Copies at bottom right of screen. This will modify all the shelving locations on your selected set of items.

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