42.1. Add an Issuance

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The following instructions are for adding additional Issuances to an existing subscription. This process is used for unpredicted or special Issues.

  1. From the Serial Record --> Click on the Actions for this record button

  2. Select Alternate Serial Control

  3. Click on the subscription ID

  4. Open on the Issuances tab

  5. Click on the New Issuance button

  6. Enter the Label and Date Published

  7. Click on the Wizard button

  8. Click on the Create Holding Code button

  9. Click on the Save button

  10. You must now add an item to the Issuance

  11. Click on the Issuance you just created

  12. Click on the New Items button

  13. Enter Date Expected and click Create

  14. The item is now ready to receive. If you complete the Date Received field and change the status to received then it will receive the issue but it won’t create the associated copy record whereas if you leave it blank and receive the item through the Serials Control View or Batch Receive function you can create the Copy Record at that time.

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